Robert Sinclair

Professor Robert (Bob) Sinclair has been a faculty member in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering since 1977. He obtained his degrees in materials science at Cambridge University, and was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Berkeley for four years. His research has focused on the development and application of advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques, especially in situ high resolution microscopy, to basic materials studies related to semiconductor devices, magnetic recording, nanotechnology in cancer research and energy systems. At Stanford, he has been Department Chair (2004-2014), Director of the Stanford Nanocharacterzation Laboratory (2002-2013), Director of the Big Overseas Studies Program (2010-2012) and Associate Director of the Wallenberg Research Link (2013-present). He was Chair of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on “Midsize Facilities: the Infrastructure for Materials Research” (2003-2006), and he received the Distinguished Scientist Award (Physical Sciences) from the Microscopy Society of America (2009), the David M. Turnbull Lectureship of the Materials Research Society (2012) and the John M. Cowley Distinguished Lectureship, Arizona State University (2015).